Online support groups

Our Carer Peer Support online sessions are proving a great success. These informal meetings give people the opportunity to exchange ideas and to learn from the experiences of others, from meetings that help carers navigate the NDIS to peer support for younger carers.

In July, Karen Martin, Manager of the MND NSW Support Service, joined a Carer Peer Support session for people involved with the NDIS. Karen spoke about the NDIS and as one group member later remarked: “I always discover that something positive and useful that I gain from these Carer Peer Support sessions. Karen shared some useful tips that we can now put into action when we have our next NDIS review”.

Our Younger Carers Online Peer Support is for younger adults who have a parent with MND and are also running regularly.  One of our younger carers, Naomi, told us: “I really appreciate being a part of this group. It has allowed me to feel a sense of empathy and shared experience with other young adult carers. I don't have many peers who have dealt with this situation and especially not this condition; so it has been invaluable to listen to others experiences. Sometimes someone in the group will articulate what I haven't yet been able to. I appreciate gaining insight as to what may be up ahead and this brings me comfort. Overall it makes the path less scary, lonely and uncertain knowing other people who are also walking along it. It also reminds me that there are joyful moments to be had along the way. 

If you’d like to learn more about how you or your family members can connect with other carers through these sessions please email Kate Maguire: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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