Leaving MND NSW a gift in your Will can make all the difference to people living with motor neurone disease. Your valuable gift will form a key part of MND NSW's long-term income and help us to continue providing essential equipment, information, support and advice for people living with MND, their families and carers. It will also help us to continue funding research for better treatments and ultimately a cure for MND!

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MND NSW is pleased to partner with Safewill to make leaving a gift in your Will a simple and stress free process.

Safewill is one of Australia's leading online estate planning platforms, trusted by thousands of Australians. With Safewill, you can write your legal Will online quickly and from the comfort of your own home.

By creating your Will through our partnership with Safewill, you're able to help support MND NSW, and get a legally compliant Will for $160 - and for the month of May, for just $80!

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Making a Will is an important way to secure the future of your loved ones and to make known your wishes to those you leave behind. Leaving a gift in your Will (bequest), is a tremendous and thoughtful way of supporting the work of Motor Neurone Disease New South Wales Ltd. (MND NSW). It ensures that we can continue to support all those affected, be they the people living with MND or their loved ones, for it is estimated that for every person diagnosed with the disease another fourteen people will live with the consequences of MND forever.