To mark 40 years of MND New South Wales this year, we are highlighting 40 years of stories from our members, staff, volunteers and experts. 

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A Message from Graham Opie, CEO

This year, we are marking 40 years since we first started as an organisation so it’s a very special time for all of us here at MND NSW.

It’s a time for us to pause and take stock of just how far we’ve come, and stop to reflect on all the amazing work that our staff and volunteers do. None of which would be possible without the generosity of our supporters.

We’ve come such a long way in our 40 years, but we know there is still so much more that needs to be done. That’s why we continue to focus on the future and the work that will have the greatest impact.

One of the things we are working towards is increasing our equipment pool, which will provide more comprehensive and diverse equipment options to people living with MND, regardless of the stage of their disease.

We are also working on increasing our efficiency and finding better ways to deliver our services. We pride ourselves on being able to partner with other organisations to increase the impact we can make while avoiding duplication of services.

We've always advocated really hard, at both the state and federal level, for better services for not only people with motor neurone disease, but for those with rapidly progressive neurological disease, and we’re looking forward to continuing that in the years ahead as well.

I’m acutely aware that only 15% of our recurrent funding comes from the Government. This means that we rely heavily on the generosity of our supporters to fund the rest.

It’s also why it’s incredibly important that we are mindful of how efficient and effective our support services and programs are in making a difference to as many people as possible, at a time when they need us the most.

I’ve been the CEO of MND NSW for around 16 years now and I am still amazed and inspired by each and every story I hear from our participants. It’s what drives our passion here at MND NSW and it’s what gives each of us purpose every day.

40 years is a long time and there’s a lot for us to be proud of with everything we’ve achieved to date. We’re also grateful to our supporters. We know it’s only through their generosity that we can continue to be there for people living with MND for as long as they need us.

So I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported and been involved with MND NSW over the past 40 years. Each one of you has contributed to an important part of our wonderful story and will help us to continue our great work into the future, so we can ensure that no one has to face MND alone.

Thank you.

Graham Opie


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