MND Aware is a comprehensive, web-based awareness training course about motor neurone disease (MND), developed by Motor Neurone Disease NSW.

As MND is not a common disease, people working in health and disability may have little or no knowledge about this condition. MND is a progressive and ultimately fatal disease, and there are about 2000 people in Australia living with MND at any given time.

Our MND Aware training is suitable for all types of learners, easy to use and interactive. It has been specifically developed for health and community care professionals including

  • community, home care, disability, and aged care workers
  • intake and referral staff
  • care coordinators and case managers
  • health, allied health, and palliative care professionals
  • volunteers, pastoral care workers and others who work with people living with MND

The course equips learners with a basic understanding of the disease and the impact it has on an individual's life, their families and friends, and it prepares them for when they do meet someone with the disease. MND Aware also provides specific information about care, symptom management and wellbeing, and support needs of a person with MND. The course can be accessed at

Are your staff interested in a 4.5 hour face-to-face training session that will enhance the capacity of your service to more appropriately meet the needs of people with MND?

MND related workshops provide the opportunity for health and community care professionals to hear the latest in MND research, enhance their skills and knowledge and meet with others working in similar roles.

MND NSW conducts a bi-annual MND Special Interest Group workshop, usually held in Sydney.

MND NSW conducts education and information sessions on request for groups of health and community care professionals throughout NSW and in the ACT. Session topics range from general information about motor neurone disease through to sessions covering a particular aspect of motor neurone disease care.

Contact our Education and Carers team for further information or to request an MND education session for you and your colleagues.

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