So what is happening with education for people living with MND, their family and friends and for the service providers now that our face to face sessions are suspended?

With changing times we now have an opportunity to deliver our education programs in a different way and has opened the way for innovation in ensuring everyone still can access information when they want it. We are now working to have many of our education and carer programs available as on demand online versions.

MND NSW has received enthusiastic feedback from everyone who has had the opportunity to be part of the Online Peer Support for Carers in recent weeks. It’s been a positive experience to break down the barriers of distance and need for isolation, to connect over a cuppa online.

There’s been great benefit for all in exchanging ideas, and in learning from each other’s experiences. (Who knew there was such a thing as thickened ice-cream for people with swallowing challenges? Yum!)

We shall be offering some new online peer groups for carers in the coming weeks. The first shall be for younger adults caring for a parent with MND and this shall be commencing on May 28. You can fnd out more here.

The other new online peer support group shall be for parents caring for an offspring with MND, which shall be commencing June 3. You can find out more here.

To learn more, or to register your interest in attending, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call Kate on 02 8877 0902.

We also have an online resource, the MND NSW Information package, which can be accessed now.  This online package is designed for people with MND who have been recently diagnosed, their family and friends. We provide a discount code to allow people living with MND and their families to access this resource free of charge. To request access to this free resource, please contact our information line to be allocated a discount code.

To find out more the link is here

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